Whether it be a video or audio intercom systems, Torvac Solutions can provide you with the latest in ‘gatekeeper’ technology to give you control of who comes in and who stays out.

For installations where it is not desirable or possible to run wires to support an intercom system, wireless intercom systems are available. There are two major benefits of a wireless intercom system over the traditional wired intercom. The first is that installation is much easier since no wires have to be run between intercom units. The second is that you can easily move the units at any time. With that convenience and ease of installation comes a risk of interference from other wireless and electrical devices. Nearby wireless devices such as cordless telephones, wireless data networks, and remote audio speakers, as well as structural features in your building, can all interfere. Electrical devices such as motors, lighting fixtures and transformers can cause noise. There may be concerns about privacy since conversations may be picked up on a scanner, baby monitor, cordless phone, or a similar device on the same frequency. Encrypted wireless intercoms can reduce or eliminate privacy risks, while placement, installation, construction, grounding and shielding methods can reduce or eliminate the detrimental effects of external interference.

With a range of systems available for installation, a Torvac representative can meet with you and discuss your security requirements. From the information provided Torvac will be able to recommend a intercom system which is best suited to your property.

intercom system 1
intercom system 2

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