Torvac Solutions design, install and maintain Intelligent Security Systems. We can also integrate your security system with extensive fire protection services. Torvac can provide you with that one security system your business requires, or a network of all-seeing and secure systems that can track every step of employees and guests alike.

The benefits of Intelligent Security Systems

The simply benefits are the peace of mind knowing you are protected from carbon monoxide leakages and fire or burglars. Investing in a Torvac Intelligent Security Systems gives you a customised handle on the security and wellbeing of your property. There are also some other benefits to be gained.

Protection From Intruders  and vandals

The most important benefit a security system provides is that your property will be protected 24/7. While some old alarm systems seem adequate, they may not chase off intruders, Torvac Intelligent Security Systems go further. Torvac install and recommend the industry’s best hardware and software to guarantee peace of mind.

Save Money On The Insurance Policy 

Many people are not even aware of this quite unique advantage of installing a security system. Contact your insurer to see how you can benefit.

An Increased Property Value

Having a Intelligent Security System increases the value of your property.  Statistic suggest that properties with security systems are four times less likly to fall victim to burglary and acts of vandalism.

See around every corner and monitor every movement with a Torvac security system. Here are some of the security solutions we offer:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Intercoms IP Cameras
Bosch camera

Bosch surveillance