Hydrant – Sprinkler Flow Testing is a routine requirement of Australian Standards (AS1851-2005) and ensure the performance of your fire protection system.

Hydrant systems supply the water used by the fire brigade service in the event of a fire. Sprinklers systems are operated automatically to prevent the spread of fire. Hydrant and sprinkler systems are both hydraulically designed to deliver a specific volume of water at determined pressures. A buildings construction, height, area and purpose determine the hydraulic system design criteria. The design criteria must be included in a building block plan and expressed as litres per second (l/s) and pressure (kilopascals-kPa). This information is used when flow testing is done, to ensure the correct performance is being reached.

A block plan is used to show the location of critical components such as control/landing/isolation valves and pumps associated with the building. The Hydrant system block plan is located at the Booster Valve Assembly and the Sprinkler System block plan is located at the sprinkler control valve set. This information is critical and highly valued by the fire service. It is a mandatory requirement (AS1851-2005) to carry out annual flow tests of all Hydrant and sprinkler systems. Filing the Annual Fire Safety Statement(AFSS) to Council and Fire and Safety Authorities confirm the water supply has met the specific system design criteria.

Torvac Solutions’ experienced technicians are trained and equipped to carry out all Hydrant – Sprinkler Flow Testing testing.

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