Hydrant Flow Testing is an routine requirement of Australian Standards and ensure your fire protection system performs when you need it to.

The minimum requirements for servicing of fire hydrants are specified in AS 1851 section 4, and this requires:

  • Six (6) monthly inspections which is a visual inspection to ensure there is no notable damage to the hydrants.
  • Annual inspection consisting of a water flow test, including carrying out a presence of water on all hydrant valves and a survey of the complete building site to ensure the system is adequate
  • Five (5) Yearly preventative maintenance

Torvac technicians will test the most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant/s (we also will conduct additional flow tests to investigate various parts of the system as required).

We will also carry out the following;

  • Conduct a presence of water service on all hydrants (including stamping all service tags as a record of the service)
  • Inspect all Isolation valves installed on the system to ensure they are operational and in the correct open position
  • Complete the service maintenance log book – including completing the survey of the adequacy of the system for the site’s requirements.

Torvac Solutions will provide a flow test report, a defect rectification authority detailing any defects found as part of the service and a record of service report. Torvac will also provide advice and assistance on any defects identified and options for rectification.

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