Torvac Solutions – The Fire Protection Specialists, provide Australia-wide, fully independent Fire System Audit service, to ensure your fire detection or suppression systems are functioning correctly and are fully compliant with Australian standards.

How a Fire System Audit works

Through a series of site visits and inspections Torvac Solutions will provide you with a detailed report and comprehensive test sheet of results, enabling you to better understand the operation and matrix of your system, and how the various components such as fire detection, smoke control (HVAC), emergency warning, intercommunication systems (EWIS) and other building services integrate together to stop the spread of fire through your building.

Torvac Solutions Fire System Audit will determine if your annual fire safety certificate is valid, and provide a series of recommendations on how we can address any shortcomings identified during the inspection. Torvac Solution has researched and invested many resources into creatinging this finely detailed Fire System Audit system, combined with the extensive experience managing fire detection and suppression systems. This unique proposition is ideal choice to determine the health of your fire system and determine how you can improve your fire protection strategy.

To set up an audit, or speak with a person to find out more information about Torvac fire system audits. Please contact us

Fire System Audit