Are your valuable core assets protected from a fire situation? Imagine rebuilding your Server Room / Data Centre or losing valuable items to the event of a fire situation, let alone the loss of life. For example, could your business survive if you lost all of your important electronic information? Most businesses entire collection of documents are stored in a Server Room / Data Centre. These rooms are no longer a genuine fire risk due to the amount of electronic equipment within and the radiant heat emitted from this equipment with a Fire Gas Suppression System .

A Fire Gas Suppression System is a cost effective means of protecting your valuable information and can also reduce the risk of a fire spreading to the rest of your premises. The designs standards for fire suppression systems for server rooms and data centres are carried out with strict guidelines, as the fire suppression agents used can be dangerous if not designed correctly.

A Fire Gas Suppression System in a server rooms/data centre and in other clean air environments can be made in two different ways: Firstly with an INERT Gas Suppression System and alternatively with Synthetic Gas Suppression.

INERT Gas Suppression System – Reducing Oxygen

Using Argon/Nitrogen and sometimes a small element of CO2 to displace the oxygen in the server room.  The basis of this method is to reduce the oxygen level to below 15%.  By reducing oxygen to this level it will suppress a fire.  The design must also consider the safety of personnel and keep oxygen levels to above 12%, this will be sufficient to maintain life within an oxygen depleted environment.

  • Inert gas fire suppression systems will discharge within 1 – 2 minutes
  • Will generally have more cylinders than chemical gases
  • Work with higher pressures, 200 Bar or 300 Bar
  • Will require Pressure relief venting
  • Common names of gases, ProInert, IG55, IG541, Argonite and INERGEN

Synthetic Gas Suppression – Cooling the room

Most Chemical/Synthetic fire suppression agents have some form of cooling mechanism. These systems generally use less gas and do not significantly reduce oxygen levels.  However, as any synthetic or chemical agent, high doses can be dangerous to humans.

  • Synthetic fire suppression systems will deliver its payload within 10 seconds
  • Will less cylinders and in some cases the cylinders are larger than inert gas cylinders
  • Low pressures are used only 25 Bar and 42 Bar
  • Will require pressure relief venting for both negative and positive pressures during discharge
  • Common names for synthetic agents are FM200, Halon, Novec1230, Ecaro, HFC227ea and HFC125


Fire Gas Suppression Sapphire
Fire Gas Suppression – ANSUL Sapphire

Fire Gas Suppression System consists of gas storage cylinders, steel piping, gas nozzles, smoke detectors, warning lights and gas control panel. The advantages of a Fire Gas Suppression System system are:

  • No damage to expensive computer equipment
  • Cost effective to install and maintain
  • Safe to use in occupied areas
  • No post fire residue
  • Zero ozone depletion potential
  • Zero global warming potential

A Fire Gas Suppression System is suitable for computer rooms, data centres, medical laboratories, telephone exchanges, and archives, to name just a few.

Interested in further information about protection your server room/data centre or clean air environment with a Fire Gas Suppression System? Contact us.

Case Study

Torvac complete gas suppression project with Ace Gutters…

Torvac have just completed the installation of a new Fire Gaseous Suppression System for Ace Gutters Pty Ltd to their IT Communications room.Ace Gutters Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Rainwater Products and Plumbing Supplies in Australia. Ace Gutters Pty Ltd realizes the value of their IT Communications room and has guarded their business against the potential loss of important equipment and records in a fire situation. If you are a business owner, facilities manager or in the position of managing valuable assets, please read the section in the menu under Data Centre Protection.

Fire Gas Suppression System – ACE Gutters