Fire blankets are ideal for suppressing a real and immediate threat of fire. Blankets are perfect for a kitchen environment where there is the constant risk of oil or fat ignition. Larger fire blankets can also be used to cover a person whose clothes are on fire. By helping to cut the supply of oxygen to a fire, a fire blanket enables the flames to either be smothered entirely or lessened until other fire suppressing equipment can be activated.

Open the fire blanket and hold it in front of you to protect your body, hands and face from the fire. Completely cover the burning material, ensuring there are no gaps for oxygen to reach the fire. If possible turn off any gas or other fuel supply involved in the fire, and contact the Fire and Rescue Service if you have not done so already. Leave the blanket in place for at least 30 minutes to allow the oil or fat to cool.

It is important that you always read the instructions for your Fire Blanket before use. Fire Blankets are single use only items and not designed for re-use! It is essential that you dispose of your Fire Blanket once it has been employed.

How does a fire blanket work?

Fire Blankets are made of two layer of woven fibreglass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film. Their basic principle is to cut off oxygen supply; which is one of the three elements on which a fire thrives, therefore extinguishing the fire. In order to stifle a fire one has to place the fire blanket over its top correctly. When the blanket is placed completely over the fire it cuts off the airflow from the fire thus extinguishing it. But they can only be used to put off small fires from spreading. In case of large fire; do not attempt to put it out, instead call the fire department for help. Fire blankets can also be wrapped around your body while exiting a building which is on fire; it provides you protection against the flames from touching your body.

Fire blankets consist of two pull down tails. You can release the blanket by holding the tails, using the blanket as a shield and cover the burning area.

Benefits of fire blankets

Apart from the obvious reasons; that is, putting off fires, fire blankets have many other uses as well. There can be many situations in your life where these may turn out to be lifesavers. Below are listed some of the reasons why you should invest in them:

  • Fire blankets are very easy to use as it requires no former training for use and can be used by anyone, be it an adult or a child.
  • They can be used to put off fires on people which is not possible through fire extinguishers.
  • One of its greatest advantages is that it lets you to escape fires by wrapping it around your body.
  • They can be used to put off small household fires quickly and prevent it from spreading in its initial stage only.
  • They are always ready to use and a sure shot option as compared to fire extinguishers which may or may not work.
  • A person can easily use it on themself to put off a fire.
  • They are very affordable, inexpensive and easy to store.

Torvac supplies a range of sizes and varieties of fire blankets and signage. We can also help you to determine where the best places are to position blankets throughout your building.

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