Is your IT infrastructure protected from fire and its damaging effects?

A Data Centre Fire Protection Strategy is an essential part of owning any business. Data Centres use electronic equipment to manipulate large amounts of information, often fed into the system from paper (payments, orders) and printed onto paper (invoices, statements).  Whether your business is data (banking, insurance, brokerage), or whether data processing is essential to your business operation (airline reservations, utility billing, chain store inventory management), the data center is critical to your business’s objectives, and vital to the continued productivity and profitability of your company.

Despite the low rates of fires in data processing facilities, the risk remains as computers become faster and are requiring more energy, thus generating more heat. High volume paper handling creates its own fire hazard.  Uninterrupted power systems and their storage batteries pose an additional fire risk.

Many companies rely on sprinklers as the only fire protection for Data Centre Fire Protection. The shortcomings of this strategy are numerous: Sprinklers are designed to protect the building structure, but not your assets. Sprinklers need significant heat to operate, requiring a full flaming fire, destroying assets (i.e., computers and other electronic equipment) at the source of the fire.

Assets surrounding the fire suffer collateral damage from water and smoke, with smoke contamination often destroying other near by electronic equipment.The cost of business interruption, including software recovery and clean up is often significantly more than the cost of the asset destroyed in the fire.

Torvac Solutions can design a gaseous fire protection system for your data center or integrate a solution with your existing sprinkler protection system.

Gas Suppression System Installation
Gas Suppression Data Centre Fire protection
Gas Suppression Data Centre Fire protection
Gas Suppression Data Centre Fire protection

Latest research on Data Centre protection

Torvac is committed to providing high quality, state-of-the art fire protection solutions. We constantly seek out new innovative ideas and research. If you would like to know more about the Protection of Data Centres please download and read the Research paper by British academic Dr T R Nichols, CPhys MIFireE
Economic and Environmental Consideration of Alternative Technologies

Protection of Data Centres by Dr T R Nichols, CPhys MIFireE

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