Torvac Solution offers a wide range of internationally approved intrusion and access systems, motion detectors and fire alarms as well as analog and digital video systems including CCTV Security Systems, observation systems, surveillance cameras, monitors, video switchers and control systems, and digital recording systems. Powerful hardware platforms and flexible systems offer superior products that meet the dynamic needs of the fire protection and security industry.

CCTV Security Systems help to detect, deter and verify threats and security issues. Torvac can wire up a single CCTV camera or a highly effective network of cameras, providing complete visual coverage for your business and peace of mind for you. We can recommend and install the most suitable cameras, video recording systems and remote access options that enable you to see what’s going on anywhere in your business from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of having CCTV on your premises.

Discourage theft

Unfortunately, theft within the workplace is not uncommon. In order to protect your employees and your business from theft – both internal and external – consider installing a CCTV Security System. This will discourage all kinds of theft and increase the security within the company and give you peace of mind.

Observe Human behaviour remotely

In addition to increasing employee productivity, installing a CCTV Security System will enable you to view your cameras from wherever you are, provided you have an internet connection.

Protect private areas

Organisations need to be proactive in protecting themselves, so in the case of having an area or certain documents that are off limits to certain employees, installing CCTV Security System is the best solution to discourage forbidden employees from entering these areas.

Improve work strategies

As part of your company training strategy,CCTV Security Systems can help in areas such as increased customer satisfaction and improved strategies. This is because by watching the recordings, you will be able to see how your customers are being treated, and monitor which aisles have more traffic, or which items get attention but don’t sell. By monitoring these things, you will be able to work on solutions that will improve your business in many ways.

Protect your company

Having a CCTV Security System with unlimited video data storage will guard your business against bogus claims, theft and acts of vandalism and sabotage.

Torvac technicians are experienced in the placement, networking and operation of CCTV technology, and will design and install a network of camera coverage that will enable your business to be all-seeing and secure.

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