Torvac Solutions Alarm Systems are designed to deter vandals and criminals think twice about entering or interfering with your property. There are many varied options and combinations with alarm systems. Rather than offer “off-the-rack-solutions” our tailored alarm systems are designed specifically for your business requirements, size and budget.

In the event of a break-in or intrusion, Torvac can wire your premises with the latest motion, vibration and break glass sensors. Furthermore we can determine whether back-to-base or remote alert systems are best for you. Another benefit of installing back-to-base monitoring incorporated with an alarm system, is peace of mind, whilst you are not on the premises.

In addition there are many advantages of installing CCTV Security Cameras in your property

  • Able to identify criminal activities and intruders
  • Identity theft – letterbox monitoring
  • Identifying stalkers and potential predators
  • Number-plate recognition
  • Stock and asset control
  • Safety monitoring and insurance claims
  • Contents insurance premium reduction

Due to the ever increasing requirements for workplace security and the reporting of movement, Torvac can provide access control in such sensitive areas as commercial computer rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals, banks etc. to limited access to only authorised personnel. Most of all Torvac will assess your premises to work out which configuration of sensors, control panels and alarm system will suit your premises.

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