Solutions Flexible Access Control Systems allow workers to get on with their jobs while protecting staff from uninvited guests furthermore businesses from property and information theft. Torvac Solutions can design access control systems specifically suited to the size and scale of your business, regardless of whether you have a few employees or are a workforce in corporate facility. Taking into account your required points and areas of control, the level of control, numbers of both employees and visitors, access for the disabled, future expansion and system management, therefore we will recommend which of a number of access control technologies will best suit your security needs.

The advantages of access control systems are thus many:-

  • Access Control centrally controls your Security
  • Without a PIN, access card or rights – access is not possible
  • Avoids the problem of lost keys – you can simply delete and re-issue a card
  • Stops widespread knowledge of a door entry code or combination
  • Helps manage site security with contract staff, or permanent staff who leave
  • Enables restricted access, safeguarding equipment and stock – e.g. IT staff to server room
  • Restrict car park access to authorised personnel
  • Protocols can be set to open certain doors during set periods
  • A fire rosta can be quickly generated in the event of evacuation
  • Improve staff management with reports showing staff movement and timekeeping
  • Provides on/off-site system management and control

From possession and knowledge-based access such as swipe cards or PINs, to biological-based access, such as fingerprint recognition, Torvac Solutions can provide you with the right access control system to approve and furthermore deny access to whomever you want.

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